“Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine.” ~Robert C. Gallagher

IMG_4269Sunset in Vancouver

I just got a new boot however it’s singular and not at all fashionable. Over the past two years I have not known what it feels like to run without pain; it’s an everyday thing and at the ripe ol’ age of 27 I am tired and fearful of feeling this way. I have a tendoncy (ha) towards tendonitis and it has now taken up roost in my anterior tibialas; the tendon that allows you to bring your toe to your knee. I have been unable to run for a month and while I know I test the waters more than I should it is very slow to heal which is why I am not in the boot.

I have been hardwired for the last several years to train. Methodical, focused, and intense it has been what my life revolves around but after some success with running my body just seems to throw everything I do back in my face. 4 hour runs used to be easy, feel good and now I couldn’t muster 30 minutes without being reduced to tears. I am smart but I am also stubborn and it kills me inside to know something I have worked very hard for may not result in my expected outcome, at least not this moment. For anyone who has been injured or faced adversity it seems like you are always in the deep end with no way out, running has been my out and now I can’t do it. My smart half knows change must come not only for the body but, more importantly, for the mind. I love to run but I want to be able to run well in to old age so I have dance carefully across the river.

It has come to this, in the words of Billy Madison “back to school” it is. I have been accepted to The University of British Colombia in Vancouver and, assuming the Canadian government lets me in, I will begin school in September. I have been marked as a “mature international student” which basically means I am an old alien stepping in to a HUGE change. I hope that this change will continue to help me grow as a person and as an athlete and who knows, maybe I will come back running stronger and collect my “2 cents” from my vending machine KitKat.

DSC_0507 The city of Vancouver


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