Sun Valley – Vancouver, B.C. – Caromb, France

After a month off from running I have been back to training-as-usual for a few weeks now and it’s amazing what it does to my mood. I know it’s silly but I hope to always appreciate what I can do because it can always be worse. Sun Valley has been great this spring but the touri (plural for tourists for you non-mountain-town-folk) are beginning to seep in so it’s time for me to hit the road.

If practice makes perfect then I should be able to pack light. That’s not coming to fruition anytime soon as I can’t help but fill every inch of space my bag allows. It is hard, in my defense, when you are traveling to different climates and doing myriad of activities.

First up is Vancouver for a visit with friends and a trail race that is a part of the Salomon 5 Peaks Series. The race will take place in Squamish and standard me, I have no idea how long it is or where it goes. After that I head to Southern France which is amazing. I was there for my first time last summer and although I have been to Europe many times it has always been in the winter for ski racing. This is a completely new experience for many reasons. From staying in a great house (yep no hotels!) with great friends, to enjoying the warm evenings, to scouring the markets for tasty treats to cook up for dinner it’s pretty unreal. We ride almost every day, the one day we don’t is the day of the running race I will do. It climbs a trail up Mont Ventoux which, anyone who watches the Tour de France knows, is a hell of a climb. Image

This is a photo of last years’ finish. You start in the green valley below and head to the moon scape of Ventoux.


This is a shot (again from last year) of the town where we stay.

My goal for the next few months is to be better about sharing what I do and the places I am so lucky to visit. I am not someone who feels the need to share what I had for breakfast with the world but I also realize some people, including my family who is also often in the dark as to what I do, care and are curious.

So, more updates to come and thanks for visiting! Ciao

DSC_0531Early morning paddle in Vancouver

DSC_0543 Bikes and trees in Geneva


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