Oh the places you will go…

I am lucky. Very lucky. At 27 years old I have had so many fantastic opportunities in my life accompanied by great people. The last month has been no exception and the months a head hold more of the same. So what have I been up to? Here we go.

After a quick trip and race in Vancouver, BC (my future home come September) I went to Southern France with my very dear friends. We biked, we ate, we drank (lots of wine), we suffered up Mont Ventoux (without EPO). It is really an amazing place full of so much personality. That’s one of my favorite things about Provance; the buildings are so unique and full of life and individuality. Here are a few shots.


Sunrise in Caromb, France


Post Mont Ventoux race


Amazing evening at Hotel Crillon le Brave


Art show in Paris at a modern museum. Very cool sculpture and very amazing to go from looking at van Gogh to this.

After France my little cousin Remy was married at their lake cabin in Donnelly, Idaho. It was a very nice day and I can’t believe how time flies by. Here are he and his wife Alicyn.



Photo of my fam which is about as rare as photographing a snow leopard so take it in. My cousins, aunt, mom, and me.

One of the bigger races I have been thinking about this summer was the North American Championships in Cranmore, NH. It is what’s called an up/down year so we did 2 laps (about 8Ktotal) on the ski hill beginning with the downhill and then up. Repeat. It’s a tough race but I had never done something life that and wanted to get it under my belt. The east was hot and steamy any my legs look like I have leg-acne courtesy of the bugs but it was a great weekend. The mountain running community is very supportive to say the least. The Kirsch family welcomed me in to their home for the weekend and the event was a huge success.


(photo cred to Scott Mason) Pain face


(Photo cred Joe Viger) Really awesome to run with Stevie during the race. She just won the SkyRunning title in Europe which is a big deal and getting to know her at the races has been great.

Many people focus on the result whether it’s in sports, work, school, or just life which leaves a lot unseen a long the way. Slowly I am beginning to learn that if you focus on the finish line you often catch your toe and go down. Enjoy the now.

Oh the places you will go…


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