The last year proved to be an amazing one, full of high ups and low downs. So it goes and I now find myself settling back in the Ketchum-paced life for the summer. I have been fortunate enough to see new parts of the world in the last year, one of the most memorable being Zambia, Africa. I have never seen such a powerful, emotional place full of surreal landscapes and an insight in to the workings of the animal kingdom at it’s most primal.


leopard DSC_0794

I spent last summer racing, working, and traveling as much as time would allow but fall came quickly and I found myself moving to Vancouver, B.C. to go back to school. The big city provided many an hour lost, angry, and upset at my new choice but after a few months of struggle I have now found my stride in the city and on campus and while going back to school at 27 is not easy there is no time like the present. The challenge of academia has been a huge transition but I am finally at the point where I look forward to going back this fall.

DSC_0645     grind2


On to the running side of life, well I am planning to do more racing this summer and I am proud to be representing Salomon and Oakley in the process. I have some races lined up including the GoPro Games in Vail, Mt. Washington, Loon Mountain, Pike’s Peak ascent, and I am also hoping to test out the new SkyRunning series too. And who knows, I may try my hand at a longer race this fall too. Anyone who knows me kind of knows I like to try new things by the seat of my pants. Oh yeah, like the Spartan World Champs I did last September; proving that doesn’t always result in good decisions. It’s all a part of the learning process and for me I just like to run, I need to run, I crave the solitude and the quiet.

1010830_10100671259138244_792473144_n  downVan

I think one of the most important things I have come to realize is how much certain people can influence and enhance your life. They are worth every ounce of effort and they care about you. Not the runner, or the student but about you the person and these people have made my life incredible and continue to do so. I am going to make an honest attempt this summer to be better about updating my blog with race info and other life-going-on’s so I will consider this step one.

Ele's eye morgan:nut DSC_0819 images(This photo deserves a little cred, this is Gary Robbins…an awesome Salomon athlete and one hell of a course marker!)

With one race already under my belt, The Cap Crusher in Vancouver, I am excited for the summer and the adventures that accompany this one!







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